We offer highly effective management and control of gophers. Gophers are very destructive, leaving crescent-shaped mounds. A single gopher burrow can contain upwards of 800 feet of tunnels, running in any direction. They feed on the roots of plants, and are especially attracted to lawns, gardens, and vineyards, leading to plant loss and reduced yield. Due to their extensive burrowing, one gopher can cause a significant amount of damage.

Breeding season varies, but each littler consists of two to five young, which are rapidly forced to leave and establish their own burrow. As such, a few gophers can quickly lead to a major gopher infestation.




  • Per hour work for smaller properties
  • Great for home visits
  • One hour minimum

Whole Day


  • Recommended for properties larger than one acre
  • Save $150
  • Includes six hours of treatment


Gopher Control 1

State of the art, custom-built machines

Our custom, state of the art machines are specially designed for quick and highly effective treatment of burrowing rodents. Using a specially designed probe, our operators can identify and infiltrate the hidden underground network of burrows under your property.
Gopher Control 1

Over 50 years combined experience

From 100 acre vineyards to suburban backyards, we have a proven track record of adaptability and success. We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers as well as your rodent issues.