We specialize in the control and management of gophers and ground squirrels and are committed to poison-free methods in order to protect pets and wildlife. Our specialized machines pump out high pressure carbon-monoxide which is attached to 300 foot long air hoses allowing us to access all areas of your property. We place long metal probes which are attached to the hoses into the ground to find the main burrow. The pressurized carbon monoxide then enters the burrow and the gophers and squirrels literally fall asleep and their heart stops in a manner of minutes. The bodies stay underground where they safely decompose into the ground. It is considered to be the most humane way to kill burrowing animals. This process is repeated throughout the affected area and anywhere we see activity.

Our service should be considered part of your property's management cycle, similar to gardening. With regular service, we will keep rodent activity within your property under control.


Burrowing rodents have been inhabiting our land for millions of years, regularly reusing the same interconnected and extensive complex for significant periods of time. This apparent sense of community is overshadowed by the individual; gophers are fiercely territorial. They are always looking to expand their area of influence, and as a result, inhabit previously vacated burrows. In our case, this process leads to a new animal creating new activity in the same area that was previously treated. There are many philosophies on how to mitigate the cycle, and after twenty years of maintaining properties, we've found this method to be the most effective.